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This certainly unique experience is aptly described as Queenstown's 'Coolest' experience, this pun is definitely warranted and accurate. A trip to the Minus 5 Ice Bar in Queenstown should be on everyone's list of places to visit and here's why.....


Child entry + mocktail $20 Adult entry + mocktail $30 Adult entry + cocktail $35 Adult entry + 2 cocktails $40 Family pass + 2 mocktails + 2 cocktails $85


Monday 12–10pm

Tuesday 12–10pm

Wednesday 12–10pm

Thursday 12–10pm

Friday 12–10pm

Saturday 12–10pm

Sunday 12–10pm


Located slap bang in the thick of the action at the famous Steamer Wharf complex on the waters edge in Queenstown is Minus 5 Bar.

Click on this for the google map link to the Bar.


The title of the bar speaks for itself in every meaning of the word and that's why we already had an idea about what to expect. This insanely cool experience will be one that you'll remember forever. Take a moment to imagine wrapping up warm and entering a room completely and utterly made of ice while enjoying a drink with family and friends. At minus 5 Bar in Queenstown you can!

We had a dinner reservation booked at Flame Restaurant at 7pm and wanted to go out for a drink or 2 before hand. One thing Queenstown is not short on are Bars and a pumping nightlife, however we were looking for something a little different. We made the decision to give the Minus 5 Bar a visit as it's known to be one of those experiences that you have to tick off while in Queenstown. We jumped on their website and made a booking for 6pm.

Their website is super easy to navigate and their booking system is a breeze.

For bookings click here


Nothing in Queenstown is far away, we were staying in the heart of the town which made navigating our way to the bar easy. Within 10 mins we had arrived at the entrance, it's hard to miss due to its bright and vibrant signage out front.

We were greeted by a very friendly member of staff at the entrance, once we paid up and received our drink tokens we made our way to the bar entrance. Ready and waiting was a second staff member who gave us our thick custom made arctic jackets and gloves. All rugged up and ready to go we were ushered to the bar door. If you imagine entering a New Zealand Liquor store and walking to the back of the shop to the chiller, you enter a big silver door. That is exactly what it's like at the bar. Just a big industrial sized chiller.😂 Above the door read a small thermostat before you enter, -5℃...funny that.


What a vibe! 3 Things stand out over all when entering the bar for the first time, as the best way to describe the entry is a sensory overload. First, the obvious drop in temperature. Despite wearing their brilliant jackets, any exposed parts of skin you do feel the temperature difference straight away. Second, the low lighting. The way the bar is illuminated is brilliant, it makes it really feel like an exclusive night club all the while still allowing you to gaze apon all the sculptures dotted around the bar and see your way around. Third, the sound. The music is pumping in there, not sure if the ice has anything to do with the acoustics of the room but holy hell...epic!

The room itself is rather small but there never seemed to be an issue with being crowded which was rather surprising. We made our way to the bar at the far side of the room to cash in our first drinks tokens.


The cocktail list they have there is absolutely amazing! All with arctic themed names which was a cool touch we thought. They certainly don't skimp out on the vodka quantities either which is awesome. It's clear they have a good relationship with Absolut vodka, as every cocktail contained a different flavor, and as this vodka is such good quality every drink was delicious.

The drinks alone are only half the experience. Have you ever drank out of a glass made completely from ice? If you haven't then this will be a first for you. Every drink comes served in a decent sized ice glass, Be sure to hold it with 2 hands though (as instructed from the staff behind the bar) unfortunately someone who was in the bar with us found out the hard way that sometimes not following instructions ends badly.😂


The bar is covered in the most intricately designed ice sculptures you've ever seen, apparently all created by one man armed with a chainsaw, chisel and clearly a shit load of talent. According to the website the bar is changed every 3 months to keep their frozen world fresh. Taking the time to walk around the bar marveling at his creations makes for a very immersive experience. Even the chairs and tables are ice, lined with furs for your comfort of course.


Yes, yes and yes!!

Overall it's a very unique and enjoyable experience to tick off any ones must do list when visiting Queenstown. It's not every day you can say "I've experienced an evening drink or 2 with my friends in an industrial freezer themed bar dancing away to loud music" So make sure if you've never done it before to add it to your list and get in there. It's worth the money, photos and memories even if you only do it once in your life so you have nothing to lose.

Just make sure you hold your glass with 2 hands.😂

Janne enjoying her drink....with 2 hands😂


Thank You for reading


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