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Sometime you really don't have to travel far to find an afternoon of adventure, both rewarding and challenging. If you live in Christchurch one such activity is right on your doorstep, Adrenaline Forest. You may know about it but never actually visited, time to change that.

Janne watching on as the group catches up.


Adrenaline Forest is located North of Christchurch in the suburb of Spencerville located adjacent to Spencerville Park. Due to its proximity to Bottle lake forest and Spencerville beach, it's a beautiful spot to visit and enjoy with the family. Located approximately 20 minutes from Christchurch CBD, its very close and easy to get to.

Very close to Town



Adult - $48NZD

Child - $32NZD

NZ Student (With ID) - $41NZD

Go Pro HD Hire (Bring your own HD Card) -$16NZD

Booking is Essential!!

Adrenaline Forest in short is a one of a kind activity testing your mental, physical and emotional attributes. The aim is simple, traverse your way through the various treetop courses ranging in intensity and difficulty. As you make your way up the various pathways the challenge get harder, with increased height and increasingly difficult obstacles to make your way across. Its adrenaline filled fun that everyone brave enough to tackle will enjoy. There are swing bridges, tyre swings, rope swings, ladders, nets, and famously flying foxes to traverse.


Pathway 1 (Easiest) to 6 (Hardest)


The revolutionary Clic-it-system makes sure you have a constant connection to the safety lines that cover the whole distance of the park.

They fit your harness, give you a pair of gloves and give you a detailed briefing on how the harnesses work. Then its off to the ground based practice area to test out the gear and get the all clear by the safety warden.

Now its time to explore the treetop Courses.


I have been lucky enough to do Adrenaline forest a couple times previous to this visit, so I had a very clear idea of how it all worked already and was more than comfortable with heights. Janne and Tayla (My brothers partner) had never done it before so they had no idea what to expect. At first glance you look up at the treetops and see tiny little constructed platforms, swing bridges and ziplines 28m up. It can see rather intimidating, but don't let that stop you, its not so bad when you're up there.

After getting our hands on all the gear and being shown how it worked the 4 of us were off to tackle the various courses. You have 3 hours in the park to tackle what ever courses you want do and in what order, we went straight to the middle range (level 3) so the ladies could get a feel for it before moving up the levels and in turn, difficulty.

The courses are seriously fun, the nature of some of the obstacles made it extremely entertaining. Constant splits, wedgies, shaking the obstacles with each other on them and rough landings at the end of the ziplines made any fear of the height a very distant after thought as it was replaced by laughter and fun amongst the group. You can be terrified of heights and still accomplish this with ease. The mix of obstacles challenges you in both agility/flexibility as well as brute strength.

After our 3 hour window drew to a close we had successfully navigated our way through pathways 3, 4, 5 and 6. Janne is terrified of heights so for her to do Pathway 6 which is 28m off the ground is awe inspiring and proof that its more than doable. Not to mention the 100m Flying fox at the end to contend with.

Overall Adrenaline Forest in an adventure activity that must be ticked off your list if you want something to do in Christchurch for the whole family or even a small group of friends. Get in contact with the guys down there and book your visit in.

Their website is super easy to navigate around so get involved.


Thank You for reading


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